Friday, January 13, 2012

Instead of a biological attachment...

Couldn't help it. Had to share a link to a thread on a forum where an adoptive mother complains about how her "daughter" won't attach to her but has instead dared to call her grandma, who babysat only up to 2 days a week, "mama." This was apparently because the evil woman dared to hold the toddler, overstepping "boundaries." The evil grandma was then banned from seeing the child who loved her too much.

This is what my "father" did. Instead of a secure, biological link, one that can't be threatened by other nice, nurturing people in a child's life, all he had was my "attachment" to him. So it had to be forced. And my mother, my only biological parent, pushed aside, all bonding between us, starting with breastfeeding, sabotaged by him from day one.

I love it when my kids relate to others. Hug them, kiss them, talk to them. I love it that my daughters love their grandparents and their uncle and even my friends. No attachment of theirs ever takes away from me - I'm their mother and always will be. It's a scientific fact.

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