Monday, April 9, 2012

If the tables were turned - a fantastical analogy

This is just a bizarre fantasy. It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't prove anything. But it's fun:

I'm 13 years old, angry, and have a gun. I really, really, really want a proper father. It's such a strong desire that I can't think rationally. I have "daddy blinkers" on. I go from house to house and see happy-looking kids at a table, having dinner with their dad. The kids look great - smiling, well-fed, well-dressed. I bet their daddy would do just fine.

I enter the house and offer the kids some money in return for their dad. Ecstatic, they sign the papers and run off to buy toys with the money I gave them. At gunpoint, I take their father prisoner and escort him to my place.

He is then forced to play the role of my dad. He has to support me, both emotionally and financially, drive me places, help me with homework, maybe even pretend he's my biological father. I'll inherit all he owns, naturally.

At some point, he really wants to be reunited with his kids. I tell him: "They're not your real kids. They're just donors. They donated you to me. They sold you for a few bucks. I'm your intended kid. I really, really, really wanted you. I wanted a dad so much for so long and just look at what I did to get you. You should be grateful you were so wanted. Most dads aren't so loved and wanted, you know. You're special."

His kids later realize what they've done, so they try to find their biological father. They wonder where he is and if he's all right. But they're told: "Hey, you signed the papers. You waived your rights. You can't just disrupt this happy intended family now."

This couldn't happen, of course. But the main reason it couldn't happen is that kids are weaker and have fewer rights than adults. Kids can't just relinquish their parents. Kids can't just choose a parent. Parents in some situations have these kinds of power over kids. And if this sounds eery, and you wouldn't want to be in this father's shoes, this is how some of us feel were treated.

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  1. Oh no you did not just write that! Have others read this I'm going to send this to them. Your just too much! Your freaking funny and so on target. Whoever Dad was he had a dark wit about him.